Categories Cost per Click Cost per Poke
Bounce Rate Keyword search has a 99% bounce rate 16% transaction rate from a poke
Competition Keyword search is too competitive Become the one and only search result from search
Promotion No promotion of your product Capitalize on preexisting marketing/promotion
Commercial Commercial not included You get a "free" contextually relevant ad
Product Association No association with video Enjoy the benefit of highly trafficked content
Celebrity Association No celebrity/talent association Your product with the most relevant talent
Portals N/A Content distributed in multiple portals
Syndication N/A Content syndication
Life Cycle Search terms terminate Videos can live online forever
Evergreen Content N/A Your product can live in "evergreen" content
Campaign Management Fixed/limited campaign management Change your campaigns on the fly
Inclusion in Story Lines N/A Inclusion in complimentary story lines
WILFing Spend hours saying "What Was I Looking For?" No WILF-ing
Measurement Measurement from keyword search Real-time measurement of product performance
Cannibalization Search engines canibalize your advertising budget Advertise where it benefits you most