New York, N.Y. — Today, Maryse Thomas, CEO and Founder of POKEWARE issued the following statement on the House Judiciary Committee’s passage of The Innovation Act (H.R. 3309):

POKEWARE applauds the passage of The Innovation Act as we fight to protect legitimate businesses from patent trolls engaged in abusive litigation practices. The Innovation Act will reform the patent system in a way that makes it harder for patent trolls to hide their identities while insisting that they provide specific information about the alleged infringement and become responsible for the legal costs of their targets when they lose, helping to stop the extortionist behavior of patent trolls.

“We are grateful to Chairman Goodlatte, Congresswoman Lofgren, and overwhelming bipartisan support. We hope that President Obama will sign patent reform so that a law can protect American innovation, cultivate jobs and fortify the future of our economy.” We look forward to adding to this proposal as we take next steps towards a comprehensive law.

Small to medium sized businesses are particularly vulnerable to the malicious tactics of patent trolls, comprising 90% of defendants sued by non-practicing, trolling entities.