What It Is

Where is Pokeware?

Pokeware-enabled content is accessible through traditional streaming video and social media platforms, via connected mobile devices, televisions, automobiles, and IFE touch-screens (in-flight entertainment).

Pokeware Monetizes and Protects Your Content

Pokeware provides additional revenue opportunities to content owners by allowing them to maximize content value in ways that are impossible through existing online video distribution models. Pokeware’s flexible monetization options include hotspot insertion, automated tagging, and digital cataloging. Once a video has been layered with Pokeware technology, it can continue to generate revenue at every point of consumption.

Pokeware Puts Brands in Control

Pokeware’s real-time analytics and measurement tools give advertisers complete control over their campaigns. It’s also this fine level of granularity that allows advertisers to leverage detailed user statistics into deepened consumer reach.

The Best Possible Branded Viewing Experience

Consumers are smart, and they know what they want. Pokable videos instantly become a contextually relevant canvas for intuitive and organic advertising. Users are able to seek out more information about the items or video components that interest them, instead of the same “options” force-fed to all consumers in the “one-size-fits-all” marketing model dominating online video today. Pokeware automatically grants everybody the joy of an uninterrupted viewing experience – with the added layer of opportunity to “poke” on what you find interesting.